A Month Since The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine – A Military Assessment

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A Month Since The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine – A Military Assessment
New Strategy Center organized a new debate on the war in Ukraine on Thursday, 24 March, a month after the start of the Russian invasion. ‘A month since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. A Military assessment” has received the contribution of MG (Ret.) Allen Batschelet, former Commander of Vth Corps, US Army Europe, former Commander of Army Recruiting Command, USAREC, co-founder and CEO of Horizon Strategies, USA and Justin Crump, intelligence and geopolitical analyst, founder and CEO, Sibylline, UK. . The discussion was moderated by George Scutaru, CEO of the New Strategy Center.
The participants made an assessment of the first four weeks of war from a military perspective, analyzing the original objectives and current lines of action of the Russian Federation, as well as the reaction of Ukrainian forces. The discussion also considered a future perspective, in particular as regards Russia’s ability to achieve its objectives in Ukraine in the current context. The discussion highlighted the strategic importance of the port of Odessa, Ukraine’s largest Black Sea port, and the impact of the possible conquest of the city by Russian forces, including as regards the separatist region of Transnistria and Russia’s possible access to the Danube mouths.
New Strategy Center is organizing the series of events ”War in Ukraine. Russian Aggression on the Doorstep of the Eastern Flank of NATO”, on the subject of Russian aggression against Ukraine. We want to address a number of issues, economic, military and political, in order to better understand the effects of this war and how it will influence the security of the entire Eastern Flank of NATO and Europe. These events will be attended by speakers with extensive expertise in their fields of activity, both from Romania and abroad. The events will be livestreamed on the Facebook page of the new Strategy Center and the European path, the media partner of this project.
In a security context marked by multiple security challenges and an information environment in which many disinformation elements are identified, New Strategy Center promotes the importance of information provided by credible sources and promotes the need to build a security culture that increases the resilience of our society. This is why the NCS is organizing this series of debates, to provide a professional and coherent perspective on developments in the region.