June 2023

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June 2023

June 2023

New Strategy Center publishes the June edition of its monthly newsletter, where we assess the most relevant information and events in or impacting the Black Sea and Balkan region.

This month was marked by two significant events in the war between Russia and Ukraine: the destruction of the Kahovka dam and the insurgency of Wagner troops against the Russian army. Meanwhile, the Kremlin has been conducting a campaign to bring private military companies under state control, including Wagner, while continuing to recruit criminals. Economically, Russia has stepped up its cooperation with Iran and Pakistan.

Ukraine has made smaller but significant advances than initial expectations had indicated, especially near Bakhmut. In parallel, Ukraine has continued to receive military and financial aid from its allies, with the Reconstruction Conference for Ukraine in London being a highlight. Ukraine also continues to face obstacles to grain exports from the Russian Federation.

The Republic of Moldova organized the European Political Community summit on 1 June, with Chisinau reiterating its pro-European stance. They continued to receive aid on infrastructure or the fight against corruption from the European Union and Romania. Internally, the pro-Russian “Shor” party, involved in various subversive and anti-democratic actions, was declared unconstitutional.

In the Balkans, pro-European forces won in the Greek and Montenegrin elections, Bulgaria managed to establish a new government after a long period of political instability, and tensions in northern Kosovo between ethnic Serbs and the authorities persist.

The monthly “2B Brief” aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the complicated context in the Black Sea region and the Balkans for both specialists and anyone interested in the dynamics of events in the area.

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