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PatriotFest Gala 2018

At the National Military Club took place the second edition of the PatriotFest National Competition Gala, the only national competition in the field of national security. The competition is organized by the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Special Telecommunications Service and the Protection and Guard Service in partnership with the New Strategy Center. The PatriotFest objective is to better prepare national security for future challenges by attracting Romanian innovation resources, which, with each edition, forms a community.

The Romanian innovators from the country and abroad have been invited to present their innovations in the form of functional prototypes that have potential for use in activities specific to the national security domain. Prizes for the 2018 edition received recognition for the four categories of contest: Agility of Knowledge, Optimization of Human Performance, Hazard Certitude and Creativity for Security. As a mark of appreciation for the Patriot Fest performance, the contest’s prize winners received the Gala and Honor Emblem of the Defense Staff, from the representative of this institution.


PatriotFest Awards 2018


2018 Edition PrizeMr. Tiberiu GEORGESCU, for the project “Cybersecurity Analyzer”


Category Agility of Knowledge

First Prize – Mr. Cristi MOCAN, Mr. Beniamin BIA, Mr. Cosmin NECHIFOR, for the project “Hardware accelerated security system (HASS)”
Prize II – Mr. Lucian GEORGESCU and Mr. Horia CUCU, for the project “Live Transcriber”

Category Optimization of human performance

First Prize – Mr. Stelian POPA for “Enterprise Search Geysir by”
Prize II – Ms. Sorina SMEUREANU, Ms. Iuliana GEORGESCU and Mr. Valeriu FILIP, for the project “SecurifAI Video Analysis System”.
Prize III – Mr. Mircea MICLEA and Mr. Liviu CRIŞAN, for the project “Online Psychological Recovery Clinic”
Prize III – Ms. Olivia Ramona BRUJ, for the project “Improving the Life of a Lead Acid Battery”

Category Hazard Certitude

First Prize – Mr. Eduard ŞUICĂ for the project “edwork – decentralized file storage system”
Prize II – Mr. Mădălin VIZITIU, Mr. Mădălin Gabriel ALPIDA, Mr. Daniel STOICA, for the project “Network for search and rescue missions (DEFEND)”
Prize III – Mr. Radu MOTIŞAN, for the project “Environmental Monitoring Network”

Category Creativity for Security

First Prize – Mr. Marius DUMITRU, for the project “Ultrasonic sensor for combustible gases with drone applications”
Prize II – Ms. Cristina ANDRONACHE, Ms. Ana NEACŞU, Mr. George CIOROIU, Mr. Cristian BĂLĂNEAN, Mr. Paul ILIOAICA and Mr. Marian NEGRU, for the project “Automatic gesture recognition ecosystem”
Prize III – Mr. Sebastian COCHINESCU, for the “SupplyBlockchain”

Hope PrizeMr. Dan SPORICI, for the project “OCR-proof image generator”

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