Reconstruct of Ukraine and the Strategic Role of Romania, Day II – Panel Xa & Xb

Reconstruct of Ukraine and the Strategic Role of Romania, Day II –  Panel Xa & Xb

Panel Xa. Global Food Security and the Black Sea Region: Challenges and Opportunities

The panel was chaired by Mrs. Cristina CILEACU, journalist, DIGI 24 TV Station, Romania, who was joined by Mrs. Svitlana KOVALCHUK, Executive Director, Yalta European Strategy, Ukraine, Mr. Taras KACHKA, Deputy Minister of Economy, Ukraine (via VTC), Mr. Nawaf SALAMEH, Chairman Alexandrion Group, Romania and Mr. Sergiy KONONENKO, Director, Regional Development Agency of Odessa Region, Ukraine (vtc).

Following the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ukrainian authorities have mobilized to identify new export routes and find insurance companies willing to cover the risks of Russian blockades on Ukrainian ports. Currently, Ukraine can ensure the security of the newly established corridor, but concerns persist regarding the ongoing destruction of port infrastructure by Russia. Therefore, a collective approach is necessary to identify sustainable solutions. Despite the damage caused by Russian armed forces, Ukrainian agriculture remains functional. This year’s agricultural production is estimated at around 80 million tons, with 60 million tons intended for export. Ukraine expresses gratitude for the cooperation with the Romanian Government and its prompt response in addressing the concerns of Romanian farmers. These efforts strengthen Ukraine’s and Romania’s positions as key players in ensuring regional food security. An effective strategy to optimize the export of Ukrainian cereals would be for Romania to become a center for their management and sales, not just transit. Romania can provide an enhanced level of security, and destination countries may be less influenced by the Russian Federation if Romania manages the export of cereals.

Panel Xb. Challenges for Private Investments in the Recovery Process of Ukraine

The panel was moderated by Mr. Nasty VLĂDOIU, President, The Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania, President, Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania – Ukraine,
Romania. The speakers were Mrs. Olha SHUBINA-KURULENKO, Head of the Coordination Export Support Centers, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ukraine, Mr. Rareș BURLACU, Chairman, Romanian Agency for Investment and Foreign Commerce, Romania, Mr. Łukasz WOJDYGA, Deputy Director, Centre for Strategic Studies, Warsaw Enterprise Institute, Poland, Mr. Ivan US, Senior Researcher, National Institute for Strategic Studies,
Ukraine, Prof. Gheorghe BUTA, Senior Partner, Popescu & Asociatii attorneys at law, and Mr. Mykola TIMOFEEV, Director General, Automagistral Pivden, Ukraine.

Investments made for Ukraine’s reconstruction at state level are not enough, private investments are essential. Countries such as Romania and Poland have the advantage of proximity to Ukraine, making it easier for them to attract foreign investors. However, there are currently bureaucratic problems in Ukraine and neighboring countries, which complicate the process of accelerating foreign investment. At the same time, Ukraine needs to rebuild its political and economic stability and continue the process of European integration to ensure that private investment can be maintained in the long term. In addition to the immediate need to implement a process of modernizing the legislative framework to allow access to private investment in Ukraine, further efforts are needed to fight corruption.