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New Strategy Center (NSC) is a non-governmental organization designed to provide a debating framework on topics of major interest for Romania, especially in areas in which our country should be a regional hub, as well as to substantialize its strategic partnership with the USA. NSC’s members are citizens actively involved in projects that may induce a change for the better in Romania, and companies which have decided to support the NSC’s initiatives.

New Securiy Center is a laboratory of ideas and strategic projects in the main fields of national interest. We gathered valuable people around NSC, holding a solid professional experience, and endorsing Euro-Atlantic values, who believe in Romania’s chance to improve its status and place within the Euro-Atlantic community.

We are submitting relevant topics both in terms of threats to national security, and of opportunities for economic development of the country to the general consideration and debate. An important issue is related to the security of our country and of the Wider Black Sea Region, where Romania has significant interests.

The defense, the connection between the military modernization and industrial development, the energy security, the challenges of hybrid threats, the public diplomacy and combating extremism are some of the issues on which NSC will focus in the coming period. We strongly believe that the main issues pertaining to national security entail the necessity of political and national consensus.

We need a coherent policy in the security field, as well as we need medium and long term strategies to be undertaken and carried through by all the political forces, regardless of the successive governments in power. Romania is beyond political sympathies, beyond the left or right orientation. Therefore, NSC aims to be the organization to initiate, to debate and to pursue the major projects of this nation.