Joint study NSC (Romania), SETA (Turkey), Sofia Security Forum (Bulgaria)

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Joint study NSC (Romania), SETA (Turkey), Sofia Security Forum (Bulgaria)

New Strategy Center, together with the think tanks Foundation for Political, Economic and Social research (SETA) in Turkey and Sofia Security Forum in Bulgaria, have launched the study “Classic and Hybrid Challenges in the Black Sea Region”, in the margins of the conference Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum 2021, which took place in Bucharest, between 3-4 September.
It is a unique approach, in which three prestigious think tanks from the three NATO states bordering the Black Sea, present an assessment of the region’s security environment, possible developments, and formulate proposals for increasing cooperation for the benefit of deterrence and defense policy at an Allied level. The disruptive actions and hybrid activities of the Russian Federation, the implications of the militarization process both for the Black Sea region and other areas, such as the Eastern Mediterranean or the Middle East, are highlighted. At the same time, the study presents some economic aspects, especially regarding the recently discovered natural gas resources in the offshore area of the Black Sea.
In an unpredictable strategic context, which is further enhanced by pandemic, this study aims to help raise awareness of the security developments and strategic importance of the region, bringing together the perspectives of three important Black Sea actors: Romania, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

Download PDF: Classic and Hybrid Challenges in the Black Sea Region