NSC at “The Growing Importance of the Black Sea”

NSC at “The Growing Importance of the Black Sea”

New Strategy CenterJun 12, 20241 min read

On June 11-12, NSC participated in the event “The Growing Importance of the Black Sea: A conference for…


New Strategy Center is a Romanian think tank founded in 2015, specializing in foreign, defense and security policy. It is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization. The organization’s activities cover topics on the Romanian domestic agenda, which are relevant to national security, such as defense, energy security, cyber security and hybrid threats.

New Strategy Center focuses its activity on three main directions:

  • Organizing events on topics of interest for Romania’s national security and regional security;
  • Carrying out studies on topical issues by NSC experts or in cooperation with institutional partners in Europe and the USA;
  • Providing expert analysis for decision-makers.

Through its activity, New Strategy Center contributes to the growth of the security culture in Romania. Decision-makers and citizens alike must understand in the current security context the new types of threats, the new nature of the dangers we face. New Strategy Center believes that on the major issues related to national security there must be political and national consensus. When war and suffering are at our borders, we need more than ever a coherence of public policies in terms of security, solidarity and determination. At the same time, we need medium- and long-term strategies that are taken up by the entire political spectrum and carried out, regardless of the governments that succeed in power. Romania has clearly and firmly opted for a space of values that we must now defend together with our allies.


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