New Strategy Center launched the book „Post-Pandemic World. Perspectives on Foreign and Security Policy”

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New Strategy Center launched the book „Post-Pandemic World. Perspectives on Foreign and Security Policy”

On Thursday, 17th of December, between 16.00-17.30, New Strategy Center, in partnership with Curtea Veche Publishing, has launched the book “Post-Pandemic World. Perspectives on Foreign and Security Policy”. The book launch was held online and livestreamed here and on Calea Europeană website (www.caleaeuropeană.ro), or on Facebook. The event was organized as a debate, being moderated by Ambassador Sergiu Celac and Dr. Olivia Toderean, two of the editors of this volume. Some of the authors joined this debate, such as Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Director of the EU Satellite Center and Honorary Chairman of the Scientific Council of New Strategy Center, Dr. Antonia Colibășanu, analyst at Geopolitical Futures, Dr. Charles Powell, Director of the ELCANO Royal Institute (Spain), Dr. Adam Eberhardt, Director of the Centre for Eastern Studies – OSW (Poland), Dr. Harlan Ullman, Senior Advisor at Atlantic Council (US), Dr. Karsten Friis, Head of Research Group on Security and Defense at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Norway).

Editors of this volume are Mrs. Olivia Toderean, diplomat, ambassador Sergiu Celac, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Honorary Chairman of New Strategy Center, and Mr. George Scutaru, CEO New Strategy Center. The book, written entirely in English, contains 25 contributions by officials and leading experts in the international relations and security domains, both from Romania, as well as from abroad. It includes a Foreword by Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, President of the Munich Security Conference, and an Afterword by Ambassador Mircea Geoana, NATO Deputy Secretary General.

More information regarding this book:

Among the Romanian authors of this volume are Mr. Bogdan Aurescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nicolae Ciucă, Minister of National Defence, former Ministers of Foreign Affairs and National Defence, such as Sergiu Celac, Lazăr Comănescu, Cristian Diaconescu, Mignea Motoc, Mr. Ionel Nițu, President of New Strategy Center, ambassadors Doru Costea and Gheorghe Magheru, Mrs. Oana Popescu-Zamfir, Director of the Global Focus Center. General Sir James Everard, former DSACEUR (UK), Dr. Russell Berman, Professor at Stanford University (US), Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki, President of the Nakasone Peace Institute (Japan), General Vincenzo Camporini, former Chief of Defence Staff (Italy), Mr. Michele Nones, Vicepresident of the Istituto Affari Internazionali (Italy), Dr. Bruno Tertrais, Deputy Director of the Fondation pour la recherché strategique (France), Dr. Phillip Petersen, President of the New Generation Warfare Centre (US), Mr. Emmanuel Dupuy, President of the Institute for European Perspective and Security (France), are only some of the distinguished foreign experts featured as authors.

The essays deal with a broad range of subjects from the likely changes in the global configuration of power to the current and emerging challenges to world peace and security in an increasingly competitive and contentious environment. The authors explore the significant developments that shape the course of major trends in foreign, defence and security policies of nations with an emphasis on the role of modern technologies, expanding confrontation in hybrid, cyber, informational and outer spaces, continued erosion of multilateral institutions and internationally accepted norms, and the dangers they pose to the democratic, rules-based order.

We remind you that in July of this year, New Strategy Center has launched the volume in Romanian „Lumea de mâine. Ce urmează după pandemie?”, a work containing essays written by Romanian and foreign authors, which analyzes the impact of the pandemic on various domains: from international relations to the economy, from security to the social impact, from the changes in our lifestyle to the changes in the technological domains. This volume was also published at Curtea Veche, as part of the partnership between the publishing house and New Strategy Center.

The book „Post-Pandemic World. Perspectives on Foreign and Security Policy” is available on the Curtea Veche Publishing website ( or in ebook format at (