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New Strategy Center Gala – 7 years of activity

New Strategy Center celebrated on Thursday, June 23, 2022, 7 years since its establishment.
In its 7 years of activity, New Strategy Center has hosted 287 events, both in the country and abroad, including events such as the “Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum”, also celebrating 7 years of activity this year, as well as the “Security Challenges in the Balkans”, “Unmanned Systems Forum” and “PatriotFest”. Together with external partners such as LSE Ideas, the security think tank of the London School of Economics (UK), Munich Security Conference (Germany), Center for Eastern Studies – OSW (Poland), Center for American Seapower, Hudson Institute or Center for the Studies of the New Generation Warfare (USA), New Strategy Center organized various conferences abroad to highlight the strategic relevance of the Black Sea region. In all these events, we benefited from the presence of 1394 speakers, of which 595 were foreigners and 829 Romanians.

Also, during our activity we published 40 studies, which addressed topics as security challenges in the Black Sea and Balkans region and their importance for the security of Romania, NATO and the EU, energy security, the impact of information warfare and developments in terms of foreign and defense policies.

Beyond these, as part of our mission to contribute to the consolidation of a culture of national security and to promote a better understanding of the strategic problems we face, New Strategy Center has published 5 volumes, which address a variety of topics on current events, such as geopolitical developments in the context of the new strategic reality we are in, the impact of the pandemic in the short and long term, but also a concrete analysis of the challenges in the Balkan region.

In all these years, the objective of our organization has been to create opportunities of communication, development of external partnerships, organization of events in Romania and abroad together with our partners and elaboration of studies and analyzes, to promote the strategic importance of the Black Sea and the Balkans region and Romania’s security objectives. In this sense, since its establishment, New Strategy Center has concluded 24 partnerships with institutes and think tanks abroad.

With us for this anniversary moment and expressing their appreciation for the entire activity of the New Strategy Center:

Mr. Cornel Feruță, Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
“NSC is good news for Romania and for its foreign and security policy. For the MOFA, it is more than a privilege to continue to support the NSC’s work, because we benefit not only from the presence of illustrious diplomats on board of the organization, but also from the connections that the NSC manages to create. The NSC has unequivocally become a laboratory of interconnected thinking.”

General Daniel Petrescu, Chief of the Defense Staff
“You are an incubator of ideas and you provide us with a framework for debate. You have addressed major issues throughout your work, we have benefited on many occasions from the expertise of the people at NSC, you have helped us to be better prepared. This think tank has proven to be a platform for dialogue between institutions and the non-governmental environment.”

Dr. Alina Bârgăoanu, Senior Associate Expert, New Strategy Center
“New Strategy Center represents an open community with professional people, from whom we have always had to learn. In short, a community of people with whom you can build.”

Mr. Ionel Nițu, president, New Strategy Center
“After seven years of activity, New Strategy Center will continue to promote the importance of the Black Sea area and will continue to draw attention to this diverse and dynamic region. Moreover, we will continue to advocate for a consistent security strategy, as well as medium- and long-term plans to be adopted and implemented by all policy makers, regardless of which majority or government is in power at that moment.”

On the occasion of this event, New Strategy Center publishes an anniversary brochure, through which we review the vast activity that our organization has had in the last 7 years. This document can be accessed at: New Strategy Center – 7 Years Anniversary

Thanks again to those who have supported us throughout this period and we invite you to continue to support the New Strategy Center project.