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New Strategy Center is a partner of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) in organizing the Munich Leaders Meeting that will take place in Bucharest, between November 27-29. Moreover, the NSC is organizing a special event on the sidelines of the conference, on the theme “Black Sea Alert: Mapping the Challenges of the Region”.

The Munich Security Conference is the most prestigious conference dedicated to discussions related to international security policies in the Euro-Atlantic space, with a tradition of over 50 years, which brings together high dignitaries, members of the private sector, think tanks, members of the academic community and security experts from around the world.

The event organized by the New Strategy Center will bring together officials and experts to discuss security challenges in the Black Sea region in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
About the Munich Leaders Meetings

Munich Leaders Meetings bring together an exclusive group of up to 75 high-level participants to discuss current foreign and security policy challenges with particular emphasis on a specific regional context. Meetings take place up to twice a year in different capitals around the world. Munich Leaders Meetings enable an open and interactive exchange among high-level decision-makers and senior experts from around the globe. At the margins of the MLM, the MSC regularly hosts selected special formats, including Roundtable discussions, to bring together an intimate group for an interactive debate on a specific security policy challenge. Sessions from the Munich Leaders Meeting will not be streamed live.