Panel I. Security Challenges in the Black Sea Region. Increasing the Resilience of States Affected by Current Crises through Cooperation.


Panel II. The Reconstruction Begins Now. Ways to Support Ukraine’s Economy and European Integration of Ukraine


Panel IIIa. Standing by Ukraine. Cohesion of the Democratic World and the Challenges of a Year of War


Panel IIIb. Can Europe Achieve Energy Independence? New Strategies for Old Problems


Panel IIIc. Weaponization of Food as a Risk to World Stability


Panel IVa. Zeitenwende: Turning Point of the German Foreign and Security Policy


Panel IVb. Energy Opportunities in the Black Sea Region in the Context of Current Security Challenges


Panel IVc. Societal Resilience and Emergency Preparedness – How Can We Prepare Critical Infrastructures for Medical and Civil Emergencies?


Panel Va. Russian Political Warfare and Threats from High North to the Black Sea – in partnership with Norwegian Institute for International Affairs


Panel Vb. Reconstruction of Ukraine. The Biggest Project of the Western


Panel VIa. The Balkans at the Crossroads: Stability or a New Crisis?


Panel VIb. Protecting Critical Infrastructure. Safeguarding Communication


Panel VIIa. What Will Security Architecture Look Like After the War? How We Can Restore Stability in Europe?


Panel VIIb. New Energy Sources for the Black Sea and Balkan Region. Opportunities for a More Secure Future


Panel VIII. How the Conflict in Ukraine Will Influence the conduct of War in the Future


Presentation of the New Strategy Center study: A Synchronous Approach to the Reconstruction of Ukraine
Panel IX. Night Owl Session.


Panel Xa. Migration and Border Security: New Challenges for Europe – in partnership with the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Croatia


Panel Xb. New and Old Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean Area  – in cooperation with the Abba Eban Institute, Israel


Panel Xc. Impact of the Russia`s war in Ukraine on the Post-Soviet Space. – in partnership with the Caucasus Institute, Armenia


Panel XIa. Strategic Thinking in Times of Crisis. Managing Threats and Seizing Opportunities


Panel XIb. NATO Defence Policy and Host Nation Strategic Infrastructure. Smart Investments in Security


Panel XIc. Future Russian Cooperation with China and Iran. Strategic Association or Opportunistic Collaboration? – in partnership with the Council on Geostrategy, UK


Panel XIIa. How to Avoid War Fatigue in the Western World? Coping with Economic Crisis and Social Problems while Resisting Kremlin’s aggressive autocracy


Panel XIIb. France’s Black Sea Strategy. Policy shift or long-term commitment?


Panel XIIIa. Transatlantic Cooperation and the Challenges Posed by the Russia`s War in Ukraine. Stronger Together!