New Strategy Center Gala – 8 years of activity

New Strategy Center Gala – 8 years of activity

New Strategy Center celebrated on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 8 years since its foundation. During this period, New Strategy Center has organized 347 events, both at home and abroad, with over 2500 speakers, including conferences such as the “Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum”, now in its 8th edition this year, as well as “Security Challenges in the Balkans”, “Unmanned Systems Forum” and “PatriotFest”.

Over the past year, together with external partners such as the Munich Security Conference (Germany), the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), the Center for European Policy and Analysis (CEPA), the Yorktown Institute or the Center for the Studies of the New Generation Warfare (USA), the New Strategy Center has organised various conferences abroad to highlight the strategic relevance of the Black Sea region in the current context of Russian aggression against Ukraine. A particular thrust of NSC’s work has been to promote in the US the need to adopt a dedicated strategy for the Black Sea region, which would for the first time give the US a predictable and long-term policy in the region.

As part of our mission to contribute to the formation of a national security culture and to promote a better understanding of the strategic issues we face, the New Strategy Center has published 54 studies and 7 volumes since its inception, which have addressed security issues in the Black Sea and Balkan region, important for the security of Romania, NATO and the EU, most of which have been donated to civilian and military universities in Romania.  During all these years, the objective of our organization has been to create bridges of communication, to develop external partnerships, to organize events in Romania and abroad with our partners and to elaborate studies and analyses in order to promote the strategic importance of the Black Sea and Balkan region and Romania’s security objectives. To this end, since its establishment, the New Strategy Center has concluded 42 partnerships, 28 of which with foreign institutes and think tanks.

They attended the New Strategy Center Gala on this anniversary and expressed their appreciation for all the work of the New Strategy Center:

Mr. Ionel Nițu, President, New Strategy Center

“New Strategy Center is a platform for dialogue, strategic analysis and promotion of Romania’s vital interests. New Strategy Center stands for tenacity, determination and professionalism, innovative spirit and consistency in the achievement of the objectives. This project will continue in the years to come and we invite you to join us in this initiative.”

Mr. Radu Oprea, Minister of Economy

“The knowledge I gained at the NSC has served me well as a senator and as a minister. New Strategy Center provides a broader perspective on today’s challenges and we need the intelligence, expertise, and analysis on which to base and inform public policy. Thank you New Strategy Center for bringing together professionals in their field of expertise. I am convinced that we will be able to promote together topical issues in the current strategic context, such as the defence industry or the reconstruction of Ukraine.”

Mrs. Nicoleta Pauliuc, Chair of the Defence Committee, Senate

“New Strategy Center has become in 8 years the most important think tank operating in Romania. These efforts of the NSC have proven to be an important asset for the Romanian state, and the debates, conferences, events you organize have become reference points for Romania’s foreign and security policies”.

Mr. Iulian Fota, Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is honoured to be a partner of the NSC. This think tank is an exception: it has shown steadfastness and determination, not content to do what it wants, but to do the right thing. The network of partnerships created by the NSC internationally is impressive, and the studies and analyses produced are very useful for our work. The NSC is a constant landmark in the work of the Foreign Ministry.”

Mrs. Simona Cojocaru, State Secretary, Ministry of  Defence

“Today marks 8 years of work, work dedicated to promoting Romania’s vision in the field of security. New Strategy Center is the Romanian think tank that has managed to establish itself, making valuable contributions not only here, but also abroad. The Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum has already become a regional flagship event and I am delighted with its extraordinary success. NSC also has a clear merit in including the Black Sea in the reference documents of our allies, because the numerous external events organised by the NSC have contributed to a better understanding in many capitals of the realities of the Black Sea region.”


Major General Remus Bondor, Chief of Strategic Planning Directorate, Defence Staff

“Everything NSC does is about Romania. As a military man, I have full respect for the NSC’s work in promoting Romania’s strategic interests. This think tank is already part of the work of the Defence Staff, the conferences, analyses and assessments carried out by the NSC, the war games are particularly useful for our institution.”

On the occasion of this event, New Strategy Center presented participants a brochure dedicated to the 2023 edition of the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum. This document can be accessed HERE

Thank you once again to those who have supported us throughout this period and we invite you to continue to support the New Strategy Center project.