NSC in Spain, event within the DOMINOES project

NSC in Spain, event within the DOMINOES project
On 18-19 September 2023, Rey Juan Carlos University organised the third transnational meeting of the DOMINOES – Digital cOMpetences INformatiOn EcoSystem project (Project funded through European Erasmus+ funds) in Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain.

During the sessions, partners discussed the project evaluation process, further planned the next learning activities and events to multiply the project results and worked on the launch strategy of the online course open to the general public (MOOC courses)
The DOMINOES project envisages digital transformation, improvement of digital capabilities in higher education, as well as innovation in education and training through the development of a training curriculum aimed at the development of skills to identify the phenomenon of misinformation and manipulation of information, methods to identify them in the online environment, as well as responsible conduct in the information ecosystem so as to prevent their dissemination.


The next important step of the project is to finalise the training programme in the form of an online course open to the general public (MOOC), based on practical exercises and applied learning methodology, aimed at developing digital skills and resilience of participants in identifying and addressing online disinformation.
This programme will be launched in the coming period. On behalf of New Strategy Center, the meeting was attended by Roberta Răducu, communication expert, and Denisa Radu, executive assistant.

NSC is a Romanian think tank, financed from private funds and international projects, which supports the values of the Euro-Atlantic area, Romania’s membership in NATO and the EU, Romania’s strategic partnership with the USA and special ties with our European allies globally.